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Megan Broccoli

9:10 am

Magic in Graphs
Co-Founder & COO
Christine Trainor

9:40 am

Insight into Today's Revenue Opportunities in Data Transformation and Digitalization Based on 20+ Years of Experience
Director of Data Intelligence
Tyco International
Gracie Diaz

10:10 am

Natural Language Processing: Principles and Practice
Data Scientist, AI & Robotics Team
Royal Caribbean
Sreya Ghosh

10:50 am

Let's Paint a Picasso: A look at Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) and its applications.
Data Scientist
Dana Smith

11:20 am

Transforming an organization using Data Science: Successes and Challenges
Manager, AI Strategy & Integration
NextEra Energy
Hilary Parker

1:00 pm

Using Data Effectively: Beyond Art and Science
Data Scientist
Marzyeh Ghassemi

1:20 pm

Improving Health Requires Targeting and Evidence
Assistant Professor
University of Toronto
Anima Anandkumar

2:05 pm

Infusing Structure into Machine Learning
Director of Research in Machine Learning
Timnit Gebru

2:25 pm

Understanding the Limitations of AI: When Algorithms Fail
Research Scientist on Ethical AI Team
Cynthia Dwork

2:45 pm

Full Circle and a Path Forward: Differential Privacy and the US Census
Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science
Harvard University
Alex Pradhan

3:15 pm

The Analytics Leader's First 100 Days
Principal Research Analyst
Roosi Magi

3:45 pm

Intelligent Enterprise: How to Create the Customer Experience of the Future?
Advisor and Solution Management
SAP Global
Tania Oliveira

4:15 pm

The right JOIN: Merchants + Data
Sr. Director Consulting & Analytics
Tia Dubuisson

4:45 pm

It's All About The Data?
President of Data Transformation & Co-Founder
Belle Fleur Technologies